What "breed" is my chicken

Renee Schwab

5 Years
Jun 23, 2014
Hi everyone, Nevermind being a newby to chickens I'm also a newby on this forum so I'm still trying to figure out how things work. I live is SA and started a small "farmyard" for my twins but got so involved with chickens and turkeys and even started incubating eggs and now I am hooked. Will someone please help me identify this chicken that I have. I have Brahmas, Light Sussex, Buff Orpingtons and Potch Koekoeks but this hen I got from our local poulty pet shop and I am puzzled. Please share any ideas. Thanks

How big is she compared to the other hens? She is some kind of Mili de' Fluer. Probably a d'Uccle cross because they are the most popular Mili de'Fluer. I don't know what she is crossed with. I am just guessing. Hope this helps!
Thank you very much guys , she is the same size as my light sussex. bigger than the average bantam, abit smaller than my buff orp.. I actually googled light sussex and there was a pic that came up of a speckled sussex that looks very similar, but I think she is a mixed breed, Her eggs also have speckles on them. She too cute so it actually doesn't matter what she is, but I was just curious. Thanks for the replies

Agree she's a beautiful mixed breed hen.

Where do you live? Is SA South Africa? If you were local, I'll bet the person working on Aloha's would take her...

Thank you Donrae, Yes I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. So glad I found this forum, when I tried to hatch incubated eggs I got so many answers from this site.

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