what breed is my hen?!


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5 Years
Apr 7, 2014
Yukon, OK
Hello, chicken aficionados!! I adopted a hen from my neighbor almost a year ago, and I have been searching to dind out what she is. I find hens that look like her, but their eggs are not the same. When she way laying they were blueish greenish, not really big, but not super small! I suppose she's maybe a mix of something.

Thanks in advance!!
Are you sure that she is the one laying blue/green eggs? That looks like a Buff Orpington to me. But, she could just be an unusual Easter Egger.
Yes Wyadottes I'm sure it was her. She was an only chicken until about 4 weeks ago. Shes what got me into chickens!! CHICKENS ARE AWESOME!!!! :D

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