What breed is my little white hen.


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5 Years
Aug 16, 2014
Derby England
Hi all.
I'm told this hen is sumata (not sure of correct spelling) but my research say they're rare, surly I couldn't have accidentally ended up with a rare hen lol
She's quite small. Flighty, scared of her own shadow. Hates to be handled and can be quite aggressive to other chickens. I have two hens like this, both have all white feathering, black legs and red face.
She lays tiny white eggs almost daily and she's the only hen I have in my flock to go broody.
She's looking a bit sorry for herself in the photo, poor girl is moulting and has bramble foot.
All I can say is that she looks like some sort of gamebird or gamebird mix--gamebirds all look similar, so it is hard to tell exactly what they are. I hope she recovers from her bumblefoot!

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