What breed is my roo?


7 Years
Apr 7, 2012
Any ideas on what this little cockerel is a mix of? The big single comb and wattles came in REALLY fast, and he's got little orange feathers on his legs with just 4 toes.
He came from a farm with a wide range of chickens from EE's, BO's, and some silkie looking chickens (not sure if that what it was, but it had some hair!) and many other breeds. He was in a box with the other 5 that I got, and so far there's turned out to be 2 EE's, one that looks like an EE but has a rose or cushion comb, and 2 others that look like EE's but have a single comb. This red one stands out the most though.

Here's a group shot.
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Forgot to say that a lot of people on here have told me he is a production red mix. I wouldn't know as I really haven't seen a good picture of one. No idea what he could be mixed with.

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