What breed is my roo?


May 18, 2015
Meet Chiggin.


Pretty sure he / she is a rooster - at twelve weeks old, little bumps on the back of the legs look like spurs coming in, and the tail and neck feathers look suspicious. We didn't plan on having a rooster, but he's so beautiful and friendly that we don't want to part with him.
Does Chiggin look like a roo? What breed do
you think he / she is? We were told Ameraucana.
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Chiggin is definitely a pullet, probably an Easter Egger. Spurs are not a reliable method of sexing, since even hens have small spur buds and occasionally develop true spurs.
Oh cool! I just read somewhere that roosters have pointed neck feathers, while hens have rounded ones. I'm glad she's a girl :)
It's her pattern that makes them look pointed. If you looked closely at the shape of those feathers, you would see that they are rounded. You can kind of make it out in the first picture.
That coloration is expressed differently on the males and females. Here's a photo of my easter egger rooster and hens. I can sex their chicks by color when their feathers start coming in, around 3 weeks old.
Sweet! I grew up with Easter eggers and I'm super excited to have one! We'll probably get either a bantam rooster or keep a silkie rooster when we order some babies soon! Do bantams successfully reproduce with full-size chickens?

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