What breed is my rooster? He is attacking a hen


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Nov 18, 2013
And what kind of personality should I expect of him?
He has gone through some changes lately but has been sexually mature for several months.
When he was a baby he was just a little grey puff ball.
He was also the youngest of all the other babies, only a day old but very healthy and strong, I added him with the rest of the babies that already had feathers coming in.
I have two hens that were fully grown and older when the babies were released into the yard.
I think they helped teaching proper behavior but not sure as I think one of the hens is crazy.

I have 2 older hens (white and red) that were given to me as a gift from a neighbor. They planned to use them as gator bait.
Sadly they were kept in poor conditions and were missing many of their feathers.
The white one has a small, thin build.
She is also the only hen that is white int he flock.
He has been chasing her away from the rest of the flock, causing her to be a loner, but he doesn't do this to the red hen, that is also missing back feathers.
Today he aggressively attacked her, pulling out feathers and causing her to bleed.
She is in her own pen now with plenty of room shelter and feather fixer feed (with the red hen, her buddy).
She is one of my best layers laying very large white eggs almost every day.
Do you think he will stop this behavior when her feathers grow in?
I have been spoiling her making sure she eats a lot and is wormed and healthy but she isn't gaining weight.
She is older and I don't think she will change much for the rest of her life but I'm not sure.
Her tail feathers grew back quickly though, but not the feathers on her back and neck.
She has baby feathers growing in on her back though telling me the feather fixer is working.

Should I just keep her and her buddy in their own smaller pen until all of their feathers are back?
The rest of the flock free roams all day every day so they'll still see each other through the fence.

Do you think he's mean to the white hen because she's so different from the rest of the flock and is pretty ugly?

I can get pictures of her if you like

Thank you!


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Most likely your white hen is a leghorn, and this would explain her 'small thin build'. She may have challenged him upon introduction and I guess that she has a large comb - he may think that she is another rooster. There is a possibility that he will never accept her in the flock.


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Nov 18, 2013
You're right, she's a leghorn. She does have a very large comb that flops over. My mom said the same thing, that he thinks she's a rooster.
Darn ):

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