what breed is my rooster


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Mar 12, 2013

I was wondering if anybody might beable to help me with what breed of rooster he is.. I picked him up at an auction for 2.00.. he seems to be a large breed but is very friendly. you can go out and pick him up and mess with the hens and he dont care.. Ive preed him to my production red hens that i have and the babies so far are like Tan and black lol.. but he does have a few green feather in his tail, and the string feather on his back are a light tanish color.. Thanx for the help
He's a mixed breed. He had one barred parent and one non-barred parent and they were both single combed breeds....beyond that it's really anyone's guess. Putting him over solid hens should give you half barred and half non barred chicks in different colors.
thanx :) i was thinking he was a mix.. All my hens are production reds and the assortment of colors ive gotten so far from him threw thense red his is funny.. some are just red, other are light tan and a few black spots.. ONE was marked out like a baby turkey lol.. my older ones that are old enough to getting wing feather.. there wing feathers are like a creamish tan with the black bars on them lol.. I am wondering if these will lay eggs as much as there mothers.. will find out at some point.. I am just glad hes friendly have had him a year and hes never tried to flog anybody
YIP i had a RIR rooster before that was host to god mean as all get out O_O just walk out the back door and he was trying to get you... I had a Dominique that was fine untill you turned around and would walk away then he was on ya.. both those rooster where big.. my RIR was the biggest between all 3 of them.. but this rooster and the Dominique are about equal. But this rooster will stay around for along time :) best 2.00 buy i ever made in mybooks

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