what breed is Roger the rooster?


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Dec 3, 2018
I have been trying to figure out what breed my favorite rooster is. He was given to me by a friend that got him and another rooster and a few hens that someone couldn't keep any more. I think he's possibly mixed but I cant for the life of me figure out between what. any help will be very appreciated!
Thank you :)


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Mixed breed with either Ayam Cemani or Svart Hona.
Sumatras and Silkies don’t have single combs so neither would this guy if he was a first generation cross.

First gen you are right, but it could be farther back. You are right, Ayam Cemani or Svart Hona are more likely the crossing. I forgot about Swedish Black until you mentioned it.
I did a lot of research a few weeks ago and I'm leaning towards svart hona. he doesn't have the tail that Sumatra has. i'll try to get some pictures of the hens he came with and also the hens that I have hatched that were from him and them. sadly I have not hatched a rooster that looks anything like him :(
Him around the time I first got him and the hens he came with


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