What breed is this bantam hen?


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
I've searched the archives but the closest match I've found is:

However, my hen doesn't have any leg feathering at all.

I've gone blue in the face trying to figure it out.

Here's her picture:

she is a black breasted red old english game bantam, her color is poor as it is washed out, and she is close to having a squirl tail which is a dq
serama? old english? japanese?
she is very cute whatever she is! looks like she's got some chickentude too!
gamebirdsonly: I did some reading on the Dutch Bantams - as far as the earlobe, here's a closeup of her head:


She was a little flighty when we found her, but she now comes over to us if we call her, and when we approach her, she hunches down a little, puffs out her wings, and waits to be picked up. She's active and very alert, exhibiting a bit of a regal carriage, but isn't particularly skittish.

She's been laying about 5 eggs/week.
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You take wonderful photos of her... very professional looking. She reminds me of my Penelope, with her regal posture.
Here's what she looked like when we found her on Jan 1 (10 weeks ago):


Her current weight is 20.1 oz after gorging herself.

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