What breed is this chick?


6 Years
Jun 17, 2013
We found a baby chicken under our barn, and the people from the farm next door says isnt theirs. We have had her for about three weeks now and think its a girl.

What breed could she be?
Its a bit young to tell, but I'm not seeing any greenish legs or muffs/beard that most EE's have. A barnyard mix, or some other breed is more likely. As for gender, the comb looks rather red in the photo for a chick this age, but it could just be the lighting. Could you get a close-up photo of the head/comb in natural light?
I think that she might just be a "barnyard" mix. She might have some Rhode Island Red or other "red" bird in her, but it will be easier to tell the exact mix when she's older. Some Easter Egger might also be in her. And, I don't think that "she" is actually a she. The comb looks rather red, so I'm guessing that "she" is a male. Pretty little bird, whatever she is!

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