What breed is this dog?


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
A friend just got this pup, but is trying to tell everyone its a shetland sheepdog - which it very obviously is not.


My first thought was Border Collie mix, Then i was thinking Aussie Shepherd mix.. Then I thought maybe sheltie mix? Could be anything in that area. Post photos in about 4 months, i bet when it's older, you'll have abetter idea
i agree with the cavalier, but arent thier ears longer? maybe its a mix. kind of looks like a papillion but it looks too big. how old is it? how much does it weigh?
Looks like a Papillon crossed with a Pomeranian. Dont let the size fool you, both Paps and Poms are supposed to be very small dogs but there are 15+ pound Paps and Poms. He's super dooper cute!!

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