What Breed is this Rooster?


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
Here's my second post! We purchased four chickens. Then a few weeks ago, this guy, who has been kicked out of my neighbor's flock, shows up. He's strutting his stuff around. He's generally a very nice rooster. He has some feathers on his feet (but only a few). He's small--he's smaller than my 13 1/2 week old standard size chickens (australorp and silver laced wyondotte) but not as small as my two bantams (easter egger and barred plymouth rock).

What kind of rooster do you think he is?

I hope to keep him too! My girls are getting used to him being around. I am hoping he'll go into the coop one evening (they free range during the day). I could have locked him in today, but I'm not sure the girls are ready for him full time yet. He wakes me up in the morning so that I can go let the girls out for him, haha!

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