What breed is this?


May 14, 2019
Norlina, NC
I bought this mystery breed duckling at tractor supply. I know it wasnt a Pekin because it had very light markings. I looked at a duckling chart and it seemed to resemble a very light colored Welsh Harlequin duckling, but ultimately I am unsure. I assume it is a girl, but I cannot rule out it being a male even though I didnt see the male organ when I did the vent sexing. Its name is Cloudy.
Cloudy doesnt seem to be developing a husky voice yet but they are still young. Anyway, Cloudy is getting pretty fawn colored feathers in. I saw somewhere that ducks of fawn and white could be Indian Runners, but as you can see in the photo Cloudy does not have an upright posture. I also considered them to be a mix breed or something. I do not know if that is a thing at TSC's supplier, but my Blue Swedish drake's coloring is slightly off, but that could also just be a coloring defect. He isnt a show duck so I am not worried about color mismatches.
Can anyone help me determine the breed of duck this little baby is?

Sorry for the blurry photo Cloudy was trying to evade the camera lol

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