What breed is this?

Rhodebar Lover

5 Years
Apr 5, 2015
Tennessee, US
Are you located in the US? There are some breeds with the creeper gene here, but I understand them to be more common overseas. Once country is known, possibly breeds in the mix might be able to be slightly narrowed


May 22, 2020
What what about the creeper legs?
Not sure about that, and I can't really see them. Mine have stout, greyish legs from both breeds, so your other half is probably something much lighter. Or no brahma, and it is some other combo that gives incomplete Columbian markings and the funny comb that comes from rose and tall combs being mixed.

I will try and get a picture of my own Miss Funny Comb for you :)

EDIT: I saw that she has no feathered legs and is bantams size, so that rules out any brahma, but does leave orpington for the tall comb breed. I will still get that picture for you, and do some research.
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