what breed is this


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Jan 4, 2012
can anyone tell me what breed they think my rooster and two hens are.



thank you for the reply. we have this rooster and 5 hens and one of the hens is laying a really large dark brown egg. we are trying to figure out which one is laying it. I think all of them are just mixed bred chickens. I was given the rooster and one hen and my husband brought home the rest from somewhere. since getting them I am now the proud momma of 31 month old babies. LOL! we have went chicken crazy.
she does have 5 toes and leg feathering. I told my husband I wanted a chicken with feathers on the legs and one day here he comes with her.
I think you have a favie mix there. She is beautiful too! If she is anything like mine, she will be super sweet. Your other hen is a beautiful color too, but I don't have a guess...her and the roo look like some sort of barnyard mix to me

What a great guy to bring you home such a lovely gift! I think he's a keeper!

This is my faverolle Ichabod



Yes, I know she has a boy's name
My dad named her...he said she reminds him of Ichabod Crane and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow cause she looks headless from certain angles because of her extreme fluffage.
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yes kari_dawn he is a keeper. I work at a vet office and one day here he comes with this chicken and the other girls think I am crazy because I was so excited about her. she is super sweet she stays right with us when we are out with them. she is the only one I can pick up.

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