what breed/mix rabbit is this?


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Mar 24, 2010
Hollis, New Hampshire
i've had my rabbit for several years now, an i'm still not sure of his breed/mix. a local farmer's market also has some animals in tha back and sometimes the rabbits escape, so as you can imagine, come spring there are lots of baby bunnies runnning around. one day i caught one of the babies and was going to put it in one of the hutches, but a worker there just told me to take him (he was Jamacian, so it was kinda hard to understand him, but i think that's what he said
) so i did. that means he could be anything, even part wild rabbit. since he has had no common illnesses and no butting or wolf teeth or any other genetic defect like that, and also very thick fur on his feet. also, he's very small, almost dwarf rabbit size. several of his siblings are still at the farm and are marked almost exactly like he is, but one has blueish fur to replace the black and the other has reddish brown fur to replace the black. behind my rabbit's ears is light brown with a few soft black and white stripes. any ideas?



sorry about the red eye on this one.

as a baby...
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Not sure on breed. But definately not part wild rabbit. I do believe thats gentically impossible or perhaps extrodinarily unlikely.
"Domestic Blend."

Seriously, his color is Broken Black Otter. Otter is a Tan pattern, and very, very common in Netherland Dwarfs. In the width of his jaw and the shortness of his ears, I see a lot of Dwarf influence in him. Most broken Dwarfs don't have that much colored area on them, though, and his body and head are much too long for even a poor-quality pure Dwarf. If I had to pin him down to two breeds, I'd guess a Netherland Dwarf/ Mini Rex cross (and he's 100% domestic rabbit!)
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Agree with above. The front on head shot is definately NDwarf ... with ears! Color is broken black otter ... although not a complete pattern on the otteration. Cute mix whatever he is! Nice baby. Oh ... and no I doubt he has any wild rabbit in him.

Nice pictures ...
Hmmm, now that I look at him again, there is quite a bit of daylight under him in that one picture. I wonder if he might have some Tan in him?
We worked with the Tans in creating an otter colored GA ... the tan held strong and did not break up. And yes, generations later, we have some awsome otter giant angoras. While it did throw small until we increased size through breeding and selection. If the tan exists, it would pass the color solid ... of course ... bred to a broken it might throw this, but knowing what it did to the GA, my guess is no. But then all is possible in nature! Another breed that carries like the tan is the BritPet. They are working on odd colors in that now... Both are not common...

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