What breed of bantam??


Jul 1, 2019
Hello! I am new to raising chickens. I got 10 pullet chicks on April 5th. I chose 10 different breeds to see if I formed a preference for any. I let my kids pick them and of course they went for the smallest ones. I believe we ended up with a bantam by mistake which quickly became one of our favorites, but I have no idea what breed she is and would like to know.

Today, the kids and I discovered a hidden nest on top of our outdoor brooder with 7 eggs in it and one broken on the ground. They are very small and white and I assume that they are from our little Rosie because all the chickens like to hangout in our backyard in the morning hours but she hasn’t been up there much over the past couple weeks.

All that say, does anyone know what she is?! And how exciting is it to find the first egg!? (Or 8)

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