What breed of bird should I get for show next year?


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Aug 14, 2017
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Here you can't get 15 straight run for a total of $57. That includes shipping.
For 14 or less there is a $35 special fee. 10 chicks would cost more than 15. Might as well get the 5 extra and eat, sell, or rehome any extra roos.
They have them at Cackle hatchery also but 10 cost $80, whereas 15 only costs $78. (14 birds or less small order fee $20) and they are all straight run.
You could keep them for a month then sell them as sexed roosters for $10 each to help make up for the shipping and special fees. :idunno
Hope this helps some.
If this doesn't make sense I'm sorry, it's probably because I had a stroke last week and just got released from ICU this afternoon. Not only is one half of my body literally numb, my poor brain sorta feels numb too.:fl


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Feb 26, 2018
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@ChickenCanoe @featherhead007 @21hens-incharge @MROO @EggWalrus help! the d'Uccles at Meyers hatchery are straight-run! should I still get them and hope I don't get more than one male???? (if I only get one male I can use it for breeding):oops::confused::barnie:fl
Count on more than one male from a hatchery, if only because of the 50/50 odds. It's best to have a plan for the extra males before you start. Also, hatchery d'uccles don't always have cheek poufs (been there!) It happens with most lines, but seems more common with hatchery runs - less selective breeding. Those are still show-able; you just list their breed as "booted bantam," not d'uccles.


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Feb 26, 2018
The North-Eastern Corner of Maryland
speaking of breeding would it be ok to have one rooster with two hens??
You could do it, but you'd better off with three or four hens. Roosters (especially "teenage" cockerels) can be pretty rough on their girls, at times. With only two, you'll likely have pulled head-feathers and messy tail ones on your ladies - which doesn't look nice in the show ring! Your extra hens don't have to be d'uccles, as log as you can tell their eggs apart. I have a pair of Kindergarten dropouts (classroom hatch rescues- both pullets) in with my bantams. At setting time, we know exactly which eggs to take out for the table ... the big ones! :)

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May 30, 2018
I am a 4-H er in Ohio and I compete in the Canfield fair. I am ordering my birds early this year from Myers Hatchery. What breed should I get? Here is what I need in a show bird:
-Not huge
-Not loud
-Can be a medium sized bird or a bantam
-Fine with being in a cage for about 3 hours at a time during the day and all night

If anyone has any suggestions let me know! (I used Black Australorps last year and it worked ok)
I would recommend Silkies they are very docile but they aren't that smart. I hate to say it because they are the sweetest things.

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