What breed of duck is this guy?


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Sep 11, 2018
Good morning everyone.. so I have this duck I got from tractor supply in March. I have 2 ducks I'm not sure what they are.. the one is a gray drake cant find a picture on Google. He has no brown on him.. picture below.. the hen is mallard color but no white around the brown like a mallard and cant be a rouen because she is small. I have to get a pic of her yet. Help please!! That's them as ducklings maybe that will help?


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That's what I wanted!! But I dont think so.. he has no brown on him. Beautiful grey all over. I'll get a front picture when I go back outside. I also zoomed in on him in that pic but was the only one I had on my phone.

Could he be a welsh harlequin? Tractor supply has sold that breed before and he has the look of one!

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