What Breed of Ducks are the Friendliest and Many More Questions?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mkeawsh, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Went to TSC this morning and fell in love with the ducklings. I have only had chickens but really think I want to get a couple ducklings to start until I learn how what I am doing. Is getting two enough or should I start with more? What breeds are the friendliest or calmest? Do they fly away? And will they go into their coop at dusk on their own?

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    Many duck breeds are friendly when raised with lots of human contact. Pekins will be the most common at TSC I suppose, and they are friendly. Indian Runners are a bit more flighty perhaps even though the are adorable.

    Raising less than four at a time is good. I think if they are raised in a fairly small group, they bond a little better with their people. The risk of getting only two is if you lose one of the ducklings due to failure to thrive, then you are left with one lonely duckling. Most domestic ducks don't fly really. They don't roost at night on their own like chickens. They have to be trained go in, but it can become an established habit for them. You will find that ducklings make more of a mess with their water in the brooder than chicks, but that is another good reason to raise a small group of them.

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