What breed of hen?


13 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine

I just got this hen and have no clue what breed she is. They had an assortment of breeds (leghorns, wyandottes, delawares, black sex links) and a few like this. I have brown leghorns and they are smaller framed than this hen, plus she doesn't have the white earlobe. Does anyone know what breed she might be?
I love my Wellie. Her name is Madeline. She's the most inquisitive and friendly of all my girls. She's only hatchery quality so her eggs aren't that dark, but she's a good layer.
I just discovered this. I am in the process of getting some standard size Welsummer hatching eggs. I made an image search for the Welsummer and found out that there are also not only the standard chicken but also the bantam as well. Is your hen small like a bantam? Just curious because I can't tell from the picture if she is a bantam or a standard size. I have three bantam hens and for a very long time I could not figure out what kind of hens I had bought. Now I know. I have Welsummer hens. I'll also be getting the standard size soon. My little hens, as what I have been calling them, are the sweetest little hens in my flock. They make beautiful sweet little sounds when they forage around the yard. I love them.
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