What breed of pullet is this?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by hcppam, Jun 17, 2011.

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    I bought 2 marans yesterday and the woman I bought them from showed me around and pointed out her new salmon faverolles chickens.. I'm new at this chicken thing, and there were so many chickens in this coop didn't know what she was pointing at, anyway the very next enclosure she says; see that's a salmon faverolles pullet, do you want her? No really don't have the room. She went on "I really don't want her for breeding she is not a good example of a faverolle, don't think she'll be around here long." Okay thinking she was sending her to the big chicken coop in the sky, I took her, (in another post got her home and found her to have an impacted crop, worked on her all night better today.) I started looking up info and pic of SF here and she looks more like a mahogany faverolles mut if anything to me. What do you think and is there any hope she will feather out into a half decent faverolles, if that's what she is. [​IMG]
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    Does she have muffs/beard? Can't tell in the pic. Does she have pink legs, an extra toe, and feathered shanks?

    If she is a Faverolles, she's definitely hatchery stock. That's some of the poorest coloring I've ever seen. I'll put in a pic of my girl for better jest... she is also hatchery but great quality to come from one.

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    yes little muffs starting to feather out and 5 toes with the feathers down the leg.
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    yes the coloring is odd, and the dark pic doesn't help, it was getting dark.
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    Wow, I've never seen a Faverolles with that coloring. Almost looks mille fleur.

    Chicken whisperer.........your hen is stunning! [​IMG]
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    that's what someone else said, and after looking it up, I agree with the coloring???? But she has the 5 toes, and is not a bantam...perplexed. [​IMG]
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    Faverolles do come in "standard" large fowl size not just bantam. If that is a salmon Faverolle then it is coloring in more like a roo.
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    Quote:I was kinda thinking the same thing. My SF girly has really big muffs too, but the roo doesn't really.

    My bantie SF pullet. She's always had a really poofy face.
    Just started laying recently

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    The bantam I was speaking of was mille fleur chicken, I don't see any signs of roo in her/him as in comb, thick legs...I thought she might be a mahogany mix? [​IMG]
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    new pics [​IMG]

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