What breed of quail is this??


9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
Cody, WY

I received this quail with one of my chickens and I don't know what it is and if its a male or female??? This is the only one I have and really don't know what to do with it??
Looks like a coturnix male manchurian but i'm no expert. I would keep it away from your chickens because they are very susceptible to diseases and then read the thread sticky for more general care info.
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You need to get him around two or three females to keep him from gouge insane. Never put two malees together they will kill each other. Only one male and his females.
LOL can I buy females only somewhere??? I have chickens and wasn't planning on raising quail but............. he is cute
You could rehome him or cook him up? If you decide to get some females and keep him their eggs are very good for you.

Here is some info I found on the eggs, i'm not sure of the source:

Quail eggs contain three or four times the nutritional value of regular chicken eggs. The health benefits of quail eggs extend to the high levels of protein and vitamins in them. Quail eggs have 13 percent protein and have 140 percent of the daily-recommended vitamin B1. Compare this to the 50 percent of vitamin B1 and 11 percent proteins that are found in chicken eggs. Quail eggs also contain five times the iron and potassium that chicken eggs do. Furthermore, the ovomucoid found in quail eggs is known to prevent the symptoms associated with allergies, hay fever and sinusitis

The health benefits typically associated with quail eggs include digestive improvement, immune system function, detoxification and combating disease. Quail eggs naturally enhance the immune system, and children who eat them are less likely to acquire infectious diseases. Along with asthma, they are used to treat tuberculosis and diabetes. Quail eggs are also known for their ability to aid the digestive system. They are known to improve the quality of life for people with stomach ulcers as well as those with gallstones, kidney stones and liver stones.

Quail eggs provide health benefits to the nervous system. They improve brain function and enhance memory as well as steady the nervous system. They help the circulatory system by allowing the body to create sufficient levels of hemoglobin, which enhances the health of anemia patients. Eating quail eggs can do more than benefit health and improve immune function; they also help increase metabolism. Many people associate quail eggs with improvements in skin tone and hair health. Men benefit from eating  quail eggs because the phosphorous they contain helps prostate health. The vitamins and protein in quail eggs are also considered a sexual stimulant.
Quail eggs can be substituted in any recipe that calls for chicken eggs; you simply use five (5) quail eggs per chicken egg. Thus, 60 quail eggs would be equivalent to a dozen chicken eggs.
Thanks! I didn't know that.
I am looking into a new pen for him right now, and maybe into buying a few more. Might have to hatch eggs as they are the easiest to purchase right now.
This gives me something to think about, and will definitely pass it on to my DH.

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