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Sep 19, 2013
Someone gave us these two when they were about one month old. They had bought them for their kids for Easter, but they live in town. He couldn't remember what breed they were. He thought the man who sold them to him said that they were a Blue Silkie mix. They are appx. 6 months old now and such pretty girls. Both have only a few feathers on their feet. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help!

I've not seen... or noticed any. Hmmm... I'll look closer tomorrow. They haven't laid any eggs yet, either, so no clues there.
They do look like Blue Copper Marans. If they are then they will/should lay you dark brown eggs. Marans are one of the breeds known as chocolate egg layers.
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They look like Blue Copper Marans to me. Very pretty birds! You'll know for sure if they are Marans if you start getting some dark brown eggs.
Blue Copper Marans, which is a breed of chicken known for laying some of the darkest brown eggs of any breed. Your hens are really beautiful! And in case you wanted to know, both are pullets.
I appreciate your help so much! I thought that they looked like Blue Copper Marans, but since I am so new to this, I wasn't sure. I think that they are pretty, too. I hope that they will lay soon.. I'm so anxious to see what a "chocolate" egg might look like. Some of our girls (I think the Sexlinks and RIRs) just started laying this week, but these and others have not yet. Maybe soon?? As best I can estimate, they should be about 27 weeks old. I'm loving BYC.... you all are so helpful!!

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