What breed she is?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by EasyPeasyJpaneezy, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. EasyPeasyJpaneezy

    EasyPeasyJpaneezy Hatching

    Jan 25, 2011
    Hi All

    I am new to this backyard chickens thing.

    I have an Isa brown hen and mystrious hen. Still quite young.

    She is standard size. Her feathers are white except some light brown feathers on the chest. She looks like just another Isa Brown with white feather.

    I have suspected White Leghorn but she lays smaller brown eggs compared to my other hen, which is Isa brown. She is actually bigger than the other hen but lays smaller bown eggs. On the other hand, my Isa brown lays lighter larger eggs. It does not make sense to me....

    She is a bossy shy girl. She does not let us pet her unlike Isa Brown.

    She has no interest in jumping or flying.

    Can anyone help me finding what breed she is? I am new to owning chickens and have no clue.
    I have made a webpage and uploaded some photos of her and eggs.

    Thanks for reading!!
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  2. Kassaundra

    Kassaundra Sonic screwdrivers are cool!

    Sep 1, 2010
    First [​IMG]

    I don't know what kind of chicken she is, but those are some funny looking eggs! [​IMG] Has the photo been manipulated? or are they really that shape?
  3. Illia

    Illia Crazy for Colors

    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA
    She's a mutt/crossbreed, likely a cross of a Leghorn and something with duckwing coloration.
  4. draye

    draye Crowing

    Nov 30, 2010
    I have never seen the Isa Brown so maybe that is what she is other than that she is just a crossbred chicken. Eggsize may improve with age. How old is she?

  5. magicpigeon

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    Oct 9, 2010
    Quote:Looks like it's been stretched lengthwise. Not to scale either [​IMG]
    And yeah, she looks like a mutt.
  6. EasyPeasyJpaneezy

    EasyPeasyJpaneezy Hatching

    Jan 25, 2011
    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for replying!!
    Yes, The photo of eggs were stretched somehow when uploaded. Eggs are normal shape. [​IMG]

    Looks like my hen is a mutt. it is bit dissapointed but great to konw she is the only one in the world being a mutt.

    I heard that mix-breeded dogs are usually stronger and tougher than pure breeds.

    Would it apply to chickens as well???
  7. draye

    draye Crowing

    Nov 30, 2010
    That's true for chickens too, I have alot of Easter Eggers, and there are those that claim that they are just mutts. I like them though.

  8. Quote:Yes,it is really true. My purebreds are such cowards when it comes to the cold,they're always shivering when it gets to 30 down here. (Fl.) My mixed breeds are so happy,even when it's cold they don't shiver.
  9. FuzzyButtsFarm

    FuzzyButtsFarm Rest in Peace 1950-2013

    Quote:[​IMG] This site should come with a surgeon general's warning that it is adicting.

    I have to agree with Illia that she's a crossbreed. Leghorn and ? She looks alot like my leghorns. In time she will outlay any hen in the flock. The eggs will get bigger and they lay on a daily basis. One hen layed a 3.5 - 4 oz. egg on a wkly basis. Leghorns tend to be flighty and do not like to be picked up or petted although they will come up and eat out of my hand.

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