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I have 3 chicks that i got at the co op that are supposed to be all gold laced wyandottes about the same age. But only one of my 3 week old chicks is dramaticly starting to look like a wyandotte. Chick 1 is the for sure wyandotte, chick two is how both of the chicks that i was wondering about look. Are those that look like chick 2 barred rocks or are they wyandottes?

Chick 1 ( fur sure wyandotte)


Chick 2 ( look a like chicks) wyandottes?? Barred rocks??

Why do think that chick 1 is a Wyandotte. He has the wrong comb type and coloring, looks more like a mix reed to me. I'm not sure what the second chick is, do you have some clearer pictures?
You need to post better pictures. The lighting isn't very good and they're too blurry. We need to be able to clearly see the colors and patterns on all parts of the body.

But I agree that the first one most likely isn't a Golden Laced Wyandotte. They can have single combs, but the pattern is definitely wrong for a GLW.

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