what breeds are these 3 cuties?


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
got these three cuties tuesday and the cage they were was marked rainbow layer pullets or something very close to that. and would just like to know what they are.

^ this one has some brown on her wings, a couple toe tips are yellow, and has a pale yellow spot close to her vent

^ this one has a white spot which you can just barely see on both wings and she has more yellow on her toes and a larger pale yellow spot on her under side near her vent.

^ group photo...little stinkers wouldn't hold still...took several tries to get this pic.
These look exactly like some of mine did when I bought them, but I have no idea what mine are either! Maybe someone will...
Yellow is a buff orphington if it has pink legs which I think from the photo it does. The blacks are black australorps or jersey giants, which tsc is good for selling alot of lol.
yellow does have pink or at least pinkish legs...what color should her wing feathers be if she is a buff orp? as of right now their just white with some darker color on them...though i'm gonna have to have one of my family look at her wings to be sure as sometimes i'm not sure if i actually see it or not.

i hope to go back to orschlen's where i got these three fri or sat and get up to 2 more...and hopefully they'll have more chicks in then.

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