What breeds are we?


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Oct 1, 2014
Wildwood Alberta Canada

My aunt bought 60 hens but the breeds they said they were don't look anything like the chicken. I was hoping my fellow BYCers can help me out.
Looks like Production Reds, which are sold as Rhode Island Reds, and in the front is a Light Brown Leghorn. the PR are great layers of brown eggs and the LBL will lay white eggs.
They charged her $10/chick for 2 light brown leghorns. That's nuts.
Your Aunt paid $10 each? How old were they at the time? If they were the age pictured above then that isn't a terrible deal, and I only see pullets at least. Although, $600 (if that is what she paid) is quite a lot to spend on hatchery birds, at least she will get plenty of eggs!

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