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I am new chickens and just recently bought four Rhode Island Red chicks. I am curious as to what breeds get along best with the RIR because I am reading mixed reports that they can be aggressive, is that true? Also I plan on buying 3 Dominiques chicks along with 2 Buff Brahma chicks and maybe a Buff Orpingpton chick next week. Will these four different breeds get along with one another? Any information would be highly appreciated, Thank you.

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For the most part, if they grow up together, they get along. If you look at my siggie, I only have 2 birds of the same breed - the others are all different breeds. They are one flock and get along very well.

The problem you may have is integrating new hens into an existing flock. This problem would be the same whether the new birds were RIR's or a different breed altogether. I would suggest you read up on integration issues before trying to add new hens to your existing flock.

Chickens get along and form flocks via the pecking order system. One hen will be the "lead hen" while one will be at the bottom of the pecking order. The others will fit in between, but each bird will have no doubt as to where she fits in the pecking order. The pecking order system allows for mixed flocks and peace within the flock.

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Well. most breeds get along fine with each other - Even the aggressive strain of RIR, which I believe is mainly aggressive towards people. You should be fine with any common breed of chicken. Chances are your RIR will be fine, and the rest will be fine too.
I used to have a RIR and she didn't seem TOO aggressive, more like aloof. I haven't heard of anything not getting along with them. The only chickens I've heard that will fight because its in the breed is game birds.
When I have had them, it seems as if silkies and cochins have been the most docile with other birds. Though I am sure there are people out there who have had the opposite experience!
The Brahmas I have had were pretty nice too. Not so the RIRs...
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I have a flock of six, each one a different breed: Buff Orpington, EE, New Hampshire Red, Andalusian, Australorpe, and Speckled Sussex. They all get along just fine. The Andalusian has taken a mild exception to the Australorpe (the bottom of the pecking order) but only attacks if I'm petting her.

I think a lot of their temperament has to do with plenty of good food and healthy treats, plenty of room to romp in and plenty of handling when they were babies.

In addition, I think that some of it was just dumb luck. I pretty much have one of the sweetest backyard flocks anywhere.

Sam, chickens are VERY territorial. They just don`t like strangers of any breed. Integrating chicks into an existing flock is an extreme challenge. HEChicken said" I would suggest you read up on integration issues before trying to add new hens to your existing flock." and that`s the best advice on the whole thread........Pop

PS: Chickens fight because they`re chickens, not because they`re "game"chickens.
i added new chickens to a pen right next to an existing flock about a week ago and they fought through the fence. they have become socialble not like friends but they tolerate each other. i agree with everything said you really have to have the right introduction strategy to be successful in putting a new hen in an established flock. it might take serveral different methods to get it right.

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