What Breeds??? Help!


Aug 11, 2016
Ariel Washington
Just finished my introduction..now my first question..

What are my ducks??

We were literally handed these ducks about 3 weeks ago. Was at a farm store, lady (i thought jokingly) asked "do you want ducks" ..said yes but not at the moment and before I could finish she opened her trunk and pulled them out with cage and 1 bag of food. So here we are.. I don't know anything about them, no idea what breed...

They were very scared the first week or more, now seem to be getting more comfortable..but I want to know more

Breed? Age? Anything?
I'm sorry I thought I had..
1-2 year old. The silverish one- does it wver stand very upright, like a penguin? It could be a Runner then.
It could also be a mixed breed, Swedish Blue

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