What breeds should I think about getting?


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I've decided I need (yes need lol) more chickens

But the question is what sort.. I want a breed that's nice enough natured to be around my kids (my 16 month old daughter absolutely adores the chooks!- see pic!)


and also to get on with the rest of the flock (Orpington, bantams, Rhode Island Red type birds, oh and the Araucana chick when it's a bit bigger). I want it to lay a good amount (an egg most days, I get 5 eggs a week each from most of mine usually, wouldn't want less that that on average) and want big eggs.

Any suggestions for what breeds would fit the bill? I have heard of a farm that sells lots of different chicks, am going to pay them a visit tomorrow to see what they have, so a shortlist of breeds would be very useful
(or at least a list of breeds to avoid!).
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I've got one Orpington, she is just lovely. But her eggs are only a little bigger than the ones the bantams lay even though she's twice their size!

I do have plans to expand my Orpington collection - either let her hatch some eggs if she gets broody, or incubate some later in the year... so after something other than Orpington just now. Do cochins lay largeish eggs?

...just looked at some cochin pics, they're lovely, quite Orpington like (to my uneducated eyes, before I offend anyone!). I fancy getting some Australorps but not managed to as yet, going to have to hatch some out.
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Yes, the resemble orpingtons quite a bit except they have feathered legs. They are such a lovely, friendly breed!
I would say Barred Rock or Sex linked. If your looking for a good layer with large eggs compared to body size and consumption...I'd go with Red Sex Link. If your looking for a small addition to your existing flock I'd go with one or two of each. Good luck with your choices.
Ameraucana or EE. My 5 year old granddaughter loves those Blue or Green eggs and they are large. I have found that the Ameraucana is gentle but the EE's can be feisty. But the two I have now are fine with her. Depends on the hen, I quess.

My largest eggs are from my Naked Necks. They are Jumbos. The naked necks are especially favored by my grandchild because they will stoop for pettings for her. But some people find them ugly. But when they are chicks I think they look like baby swans. I love them.

New Hampshire Reds lay a large brown egg and are gentle for the children.

My Buttercups are pretty but lay a small egg and probably would not let your children pet them.
Thanks for the replies
Interesting stuff, the chicken breed selectors were good too

It's all confirmed / reminded me that I should get some Australorps which is the breed I said I wanted when I first started with the chooks last year. But getting them has been impossible, I thought I'd found a supplier locally but then they stopped doing chickens so it all fell through. Ebay eggs and hope the hatch it is then.

But I'm still going to visit the farm today, as all the chicks I've hatched so far are roos I want a couple of females to make up for it if that makes sense. Doubt they'll have Australorps (be very happy if they did though lol), but fingers crossed for RIR or if I'm lucky cochin.

I'll let you know how I get on....
Just to update you on how I got on (or didn't!

Went to farm, they only sell goslings, rabbits and guinea pigs now
Stopped doing chickens when bird flu happened in UK.

Got offered some 18 month old Warrens, was dubious about the age but thought I'd go for it. But that fell through as the seller had a personal emergency, he might get back to me when he's better. Hope he's OK.

Have heard of someone else who might have some chickens to sell- he's got Buff Orps, Frizzles and Araucanas and Black Rocks. Will have to see if anything happens there.

So will have to wait and see. Can't believe buying chickens is so difficult! Going on ebay to find some eggs for the incubator!

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