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    Apr 7, 2012
    I have a flock consisting of 6 EE's, 1 barnyard mix roo, and currently 1 red sex link although I originally had 2. The first sex link passed from internal laying, and I believe my second one is too. :( I've been reading that hatchery/production birds are prone to this. As I may get new chicks next spring to make up for the lost ones, I am left wondering what to get, so I will not have the internal laying problem. I love EE's, but having a different breed or two mixed in wouldn't hurt. I would want something with color, and preferably easy to find at the feed store. Honestly, all I know of, or have seen are RIR's, barred rocks, dominiques, and EE's. I'm not a fan of white breeds. That's why I want some color, and why I have 6 EE's! So, for a simply backyard flock, what are some good breeds?
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    Andalusians are beautiful chickens that some farm stores will order, but your choice is very limited there. Your best bet will be to order your own or buy locally. Some pretty common breeds are Wyandottes and Cochins. Others you might see if you like are Old English Game Bantams (and molted ones), Modern Games plus silkie bantams.

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