What breeds to hatch?


Mar 30, 2016
Im looking to hatch and raise some rare breed of chickens and was wondering which ones are best to breed and sell on for a bit of £££ to put back in the money for feed and supplies and some spending. Any advice thanked


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Jul 19, 2015
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One thing I looked at is what is being sold locally already. Look through breeds for unique birds that appeal to you, then make sure there aren't already a lot of breeders or other sources locally to compete with.
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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi, welcome to BYC!

You might select a breed that works well with your environment... temperature, rain, confinement, free range. Those are a few factors. As 1 poster mentioned, it is important to choose something that appeals to you. Also what will be your purpose for breeding? Eggs, meat, hatching eggs, selling chicks or started birds? I also agree that you should check Craigslist and maybe bulletins at your local feed store to see what other locals are already raising. Some one close to me is raising Lavender, silver, and Black Ameraucana and selling for only $7. I can't compete with that. I also wanted a colorful egg basket.

We get a lot of rain, so I am not crazy about feathered feet. But I still have them. Black Copper Marans lay nice dark eggs and produce a yummy meat as well. Sometimes broody. And my chosen breed has changed with time and experience. I currently LOVE raising Swedish Flower!!! They are beautiful. Each 1 is unique. They are confident, friendly and they forage well. They lay lots of good sized, cream colored eggs. Also supposed to be good mommas but not too broody. Also, not readily available. Bonus!

I think getting an auto sexing breed would be nice. Especially if you are going to sell pullets and eat the cockerels. Bielfelders are one of my considerations. Although I do love the blue eggs of the Crested Cream Legbar and their looks, not sure about temperament, which is important to me. You have to have a rooster. But no mean roosters are allowed, life is too short. And a good rooster is awesome to have! Do you in fact have a plan for ones you won't be able to sell? And really it isn't best to breed when the first start laying, their eggs are still small. The chicks probably won't be as viable.

I am sure I will remember lots of other pertinent stuff shorty after I click "submit"

Oh ya,...... MAKE SURE YOU START WITH GOOD QUALITY STOCK!!!! No hatchery stock I know of is truly worth breeding. But I have plenty of beautiful hatchery girls in "The Big House".

Hope I have given you things to consider that will be helpful to make a choice that is appropriate for YOU.

Best wishes!

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