What can i do to make a chicken learn to go into the house? Why does she do it?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I have 9 bantams but one of them never go into the house when it gets cold or dark, it sits in a little hole it has made in the bottom of the run, even when its freezing, and then i have to crawl to the bottom of the run and bring her in the kitchen to warm her up because her toes are so cold.

    How can i stop her doing this?
    Any ideas will be amazing!
  2. I've got a sweet Buff Orp who waits until all are in bed before entering the coop. She's last on the pecking order and wants to avoid the confrontation of settling on the roost at night.

    Are you sure she'd stay out in the dark? (I know you'd have to leave her out after dark to know this, not fun!)

    She could also simply be learning if she's young.

    I'd put her in until she began to get the hang of it.
  3. Shes about 14 weeks old, i wouldnt say that she is at the bottom of the pecking order, and yes she would definatley would sat out all night...i keep putting her in,
    do you think that the stepladder is too steep for her:

    Oh and this is her papi, on the corner, shes the goldlaced polish with the queer white dot on her head.

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    She's just young. You don't have to take her in the house either. Just keep putting her in the coop. I had some young bantams like that too. One day she will surprise you and go in on her own. You will be very happy, not to have to put in. Good luck. Michele
  5. Gorgeous birds. I think that ladder is really great; it shouldn't be a problem for her!

    So maybe you'll have to tuck an adorable bird into bed for a few nights, that's no to bad, right? {I'm assuming you are referring to what we often call the "coop" when you say "house"?}
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    I would agree. Just put her inside the coop at night. She either hasn't gotten used to it yet or is being fully. Either way it would work itself out in time if you help show her what to do.

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