What can I feed to put some weight on my skinny chicken?

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May 2, 2010
Orono, Minnesota
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My Coop
She is a crossbeak and I give her yogurt with sunflower bits and sometimes oatmeal in the morning and that seems to help her. She can eat her crumbles but I was away for 6 days and I just know nobody gave her her special breakfast. What is the best way to get some weight on her? She looks so thin.
Equal lparts of calf milk supplement (powdered), regular high protein feed (mash is best), a bit of calf manna, and oatmeal. Warm water added until it's thicker then gravy, but still thin enough to eat. I give a handful to each bird. Add BOSS as treats. Make sure she isn't wormy.
Hope you can fatten her up!

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