What can I use on my lawn for fleas that's safe

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    My Hens free range my yard all day and eat grass all day. We have a bad flea season in Florida this year and I have to treat my yard. What's safe so that I don't have to lock the Ladies down for more then a day till it dries?
    I've heard Ag Lyme or 5% carbonyl but I don't want to kill everything just ants and fleas. What do you use?
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    I mix, 1 cup each, lemon scented liquid soap, lemon scented ammonia and mouthwash into a 20 gal hose end sprayer and apply to 2,500 square feet. Doesn't kill but creates an undesirable environment. Compliments of PBS many years ago and still works. Keeping poop cleaned up contributes to a non-friendly environment as well.
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    While you can't kill off the fleas that your pet is going to encounter when it goes outside, you can keep the population down in the area around your house by using nematodes. These microscopic worms eat flea larvae and are therefore a natural way to control the flea population.

    You can purchase nematodes online, or at some pet and garden stores. Place them in moist, shady spots near your house; neither fleas nor nematodes survive in the hot sun. A lawn sprayer is commonly used for application, and within 24 hours the resident flea population is reduced up to 80% depending on area sprayed. As nematodes multiply rapidly, you have only to introduce a small initial number to have residual benefits.

    I've used them, they work great.

    Lavender also repells fleas, looks and smells wonderful and feeds bees and hummingbirds too. [​IMG]
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    Anything that contains Precor, a growth regulating hormone that prevents fleas from breeding and hatching. It is save for humans and animals.

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