What can I use to kill grass around the perimeter of my solar shock poultry netting?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by HippieChickies, Apr 3, 2016.

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    Mar 12, 2015
    I have about 325 feet of solar powered poultry netting to contain my 14 chickens. It shocks predators trying to get in and has been very effective Also keeps my flock out of the neighbors yard & new patio.The problem i'm running into now is that the grass is growing pretty fast here & needs mowed frequently.I especially need to keep the green grass very low or find a solution like killing it or blocking growth around the fence as any green grass or wood (trees or other) touching it will ground it out & it won't be effective.It's a semi permanent setup so it can be moved to mow..that is what i've been doing but it takes me hours to get it taken in, mow around it, and get it setup again. It's very time consuming & usually takes me several days to fully mow. I won't use round-up or any chemicals because of the chickens, honey bees, & the well nearby that supplies our home. I've seen a lot of people saying to use vinegar & several people have told me to use bleach! Looking for someone with experience or knowledge to give me honest advice.I also have a weed whacker but because of back & neck problems it's hard for me to use it for more than a few minutes..
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    Bleach will kill more than the grass. It will kill all the worms, insects and beneficial soil bacteria.

    I have fair success with vinegar but it's better at killing broadleaf weeds.

    Go for the highest percentage you can get. Minimum 5%.
    It doesn't have to get to the roots. It kills by desiccating the leaves.
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    It's only temporary but I have used this as a eco-friendly option... A mix of 1 gallon of vinegar with 1lb of table salt in a pump sprayer, apply as needed and repeat as needed... Best to do it in the morning as soon as the dew evaporates but before the sun comes out in full force, by mid day all the grass should be well wilted and by the next day it should be dead... But it will return in short especially if you get a lot of rain...
  4. lazy gardener

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    Nov 7, 2012
    I would hesitate to use any chemical means. Salt is toxic, and elevated salt levels can have long term effects on future growth. Bleach kills all of the micro/macro organism's in the soil. Glyphosphates are being banned in many other countries b/c of the lasting effect they have on the soil and the organisms that are necessary to maintain soil health. I opt for a good old fashioned lawn mower. Sure, it takes a bit of time to set the fence posts in, mow a strip, and then re-set those posts in the mowed strip. But, in my effort to maintain a healthy environment, (which is one of the chief reasons why I got poultry in the first place) I'll choose the mower. Besides, I can use the exercise, and all those grass clippings go into the run/coop, on the garden, compost... I never have enough grass clippings.
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    By pure bad luck I found out you can kill grass by pouring boiling hot water on it. I emptied the water contents of my boiling hot canner (hot water bath) on my lawn. Ooops
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    On that note you could simply torch it...

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    I bought weed cloth to stop the weeds.
  8. MeepBeep

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    My birds would spend all day picking and shredding the weed block to get to the bare ground under it...
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    Apr 17, 2015
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    If you want to be kind to your soil I'd mow, then put down card board or old grocery bags, then cover with wood chips should smother the weeds for a while.

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