What chicken breeds are blue/lavender/grey?


Jan 30, 2021
East Massachusetts
Hi! So right now, I’m planning to add two more chickens to my flock of three. I have one black australorp, one buff Orpington, and one speckled sussex. One of the two chickens I want to add is a cuckoo Maran and I would love if the other one is some kind of lavender/blue/grey color. I would like them to be friendly and cold hardy. I was originally thinking of a sapphire gem, but I have found that they are hard to find. If I do order from a hatchery, I can only have two shipped so that narrows down a lot of hatcheries. Anyways, just wondering what are some good breeds that are some sort of a blue/grey/lavender color? Thank you!
I fell in love with Blue Australorps, and I have two 5 week old chicks now. They are quite different; one is a lot darker grey than the other. It will be interesting to see how they look a year from now.
Blue or lavender Ameraucanas. (Cackle, you would actually have to order three, but it wouldn’t be hard to sell one more) Lavender d’Anvers. (IDEAL) You would have to split the order in that case, they have a minimum order of $30 worth.

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