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    Mar 5, 2011
    O.K. so, I have a wyandotte who is such a nice girl. She is just a year now. Last summer her butt prolapsed. We were able to get it to stay right after just a week or so. She never got pecked by the other gals. Well, latley we noticed she had a pretty funky smell going on and seemed to be struggling. ie squating and straining to poop. Well she had a pretty good size wad of really hard poop matted in her down feathers below her butt. We cleaned her up and the next day she looked great. Also, she is eating and drinking very regularly. Well, I still am seeing her straing to poop and often nothing comes out. She even makes a quiet sad noise. :( Does anyone know what may be going on or what else I should check for or do to help?
    Meg and her 13 girls.
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    Is she laying? If not, she may be eggbound. Does her poop look normal for her - have you checked the poop chart on here?
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    Mar 5, 2011
    Well, most of the girls arent laying very often right now. Pretty sporatic. We had been occasionaly getting a weird, thinshelled offshaped speckeled rough egg. Were wondering if that was her. She is struggling to poop this morning. My partner said her poop was pretty white and runny. I checked out the poop page and her poop doesnt seem to be as extreme as any of the off poops. Is there anything we can do here at home to help her if she is egg bound? Our closest vets office is a few hours away and I think the trip would be pretty hard for her.
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    You might give her a warm bath to see if that helps. And keep her in a crate if you have one. We had a hen prolapse, and are always watching her to make sure she is functioning ok. We think ours was so low on the pecking order that she never had access to oyster shells.

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