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    I know there is an olive eggers thread on here somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, is there a certain breed of chicken that would lay olive-colored eggs? I am just now starting to collect some olive eggs from my coop. I think it's my blue Araucana/Ameraucana (sp?). Not sure which breed she is-----she has the little muff under her chin, but she does have a tail.

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    The only olive eggers I know of are mixed breeds. Usually a breed that lays blue tinted eggs mixed with a dark egg layer. These are technically classified as easter eggers as there is not standard for them
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    What you have is an Easter Egger. (which olive eggers are) It is a crossbreed or unrecognized variety of chicken that lays blue or green (and even olive green) eggs.

    Olive Eggers are a cross of a dark egg layer and a blue/green egg layer. Their eggs are a dark, rich olive green color.

    Often normal Easter Eggers lay a green egg verging on the olive tone, but to me, it isn't the same as what an Olive Egger produces.

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