What color are my duckilings?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by EllieMay2001, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Jul 29, 2013

    The two big ones up front looked dark when born, but now they look like they are turning grey? but I know they were not born as dark as the smaller ones. Even with them I am having a hard time, because the little front lefty is very dark, yet the guy in front of the brick in the back of the group isn't nearly as dark. I don't know who is the mamma & poppa either. Females are white, & black/white, the drakes-one is white-- had some brown but it faded away, & also a blueish lilac solid.
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    I think those will end up as blues. They look too dark to be lavenders or lilacs.

    I have found that muscovy ducks can carry several different genes. So black and white ducks mated together don't always produce black and white offspring.

    My original trio were all black and white pied. I have hatched the following colors from them over the years, generally some of each in each clutch of ducklings:
    Black and white
    White with black or chocolate cap
    Chocolate pied
    Chocolate with just a white head

    And from those I have gotten all kinds of other colors. I mated the chocolate hens to a blue drake I got later on and got blue fawns from their clutches!

    Post more pics once they start to develop feathers. Then I can tell you for sure what color they are :)

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