What color are polish eggs


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May 30, 2009
Pine Island Florida
I have 8 hens and I got 7 eggs today. I only have 1 buff laced polish hen.
My wife thinks 1 egg was from our polish chicken because it was small. I don't think it was as it was light brown. And yesterday we only got 4 eggs so it could just be small because the hen is a new layer.
The other hens are 1 EE and she lays green 1 black SL and 5 gold SL.

Anyone have polish egg pics?
I don't have pics or even eggs right now because my polish hen is molting. She does lay white eggs though when she is not molting

Adding: if your girl is new to laying, the size and shape will be smaller. They will "normalize" and get bigger as she lays more and gets older.
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