What color are these silkies?

Chicks 'n ducks

6 Years
Jan 23, 2018
Northern Colorado
I just bought 3 adorable silkies. The dad is a partridge and the mom(s) could either be blue or buff.
What colors do you think they are?

Hi :frow

Them are some cute babies! :love

I could be wrong... but it's my personal opinion/understanding that you will have non standard colors. A genetics calculator, though indicates they will end up the dominant color between the crosses..

Results for partridge cross blue...
25% Pullets, blue unicolor*E
25% Pullets, black unicolor*E
25% Cockerels, blue unicolor*E
25% Cockerels, black unicolor*E

Partridge cross buff...
50% Pullets, buff unicolor?
50% Cockerels, buff unicolor?

Hope this helps... ah, but the fun of not knowing and getting to watch in fascination as they feather in! :wee
Well, sounds like they aren't pure, so they won't really be a specific color. But the white one looks like it may be whiteish, greyish, the brownish one will probably look more like the dad, and the last one will be a mixture, seeing some brown on it.

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