what color egg?

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    I have 2 Ameracaunas. One lays the olive greenish color eggs but the other one hasn't started laying yet. I was hoping for the blueish color. Do you think my other ameracauna will lay the blueish eggs? Note: The feed store that I bought the chicks from called them ameracaunas. But after reading on this site, I think I most likely have the easter eggers. Your opinions?

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    I read a huge forum topic on the subject and found it confusing. There were pictures but they weren't exactly labeled and some of the hens looked like mine, but the pics didn't say what they were. I also have 3 mystery chickens that are supposed to be Americanas. For whatever it is worth, I got these chickens because I was interested in the Araucana breed. But I have since also gotten Araucanas....which are difficult to find. My plan is to put my girls with a true Araucana rooster, but even then I don't know what kind of chick I will obtain. Then their offspring will be closer to what their ancestors were and I can better insure blue eggs.
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    Apr 12, 2009
    I have two feed store "ameraucanas", in other words EE hens like you're talking about. It's a grab bag and no telling what color the eggs will be from one EE hen to the next, but lots of fun [​IMG] Both of mine have just started laying in the last few weeks. At first we were pretty sure that one of them was laying pink eggs, but they're all settled now and they both lay a pastel blue-green. One is slightly more blue than the other. Isn't it exciting waiting to see who will lay what??!!
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    yes, cluckatar, it is very exciting to see what eggs we will get! Out of 5 hens only 3 have started laying. I am constantly checking the next box and getting the eggs while they are still warm! One time I actually saw the egg drop! I couldn't believe it. I hope my second ameracauna will lay the blueish egg! I guess I have a 50-50 chance of that hopefully. In either case, my friends think I'm crazy for having chickens. Yet, interestingly they want my eggs. Go figure!
  5. If they're EE, it's more like 33/33/34! I have three EE, one lays a murky green, one a lighter olive green w/hint of blue, and one a cream colored egg:/ But they're still fun to collect and wonderful to eat:p
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    I have two EE, who are the cutest, meekest chickens in the flock. In the spring, one was laying lovely blue eggs and one was laying pink eggs. Now they both lay shades of green/blue; the chicken who formerly laid the pink eggs lays the lighter shade.
    I was surprised that the colors changed over time. EE are full of surprises, which keeps things fun. [​IMG]

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