What color eggs might I expect?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Nic&Chickies, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I think my "Ameracauna" pullet has begun to lay, but the egg that we thought was from her has no hint of blue (or green, or what I think olive should look like). We got her at "Chick Day" at our local feed store, thus, I think that she was from a hatchery, (so --as I've learned on here-- she is not likely pure Ameracauna, but EE).
    Can I get photos and/or detailed descriptions of what her eggs should look like? Thanks in advance. What we believe to be hers is more of a cream color, with a few pale spots (besides the touch of blood on the shell, which says 'first egg' to us) I'll try to add a photo later.
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    In my experience most of my easter eggers have laid varying shades of blue to green, but I have had a couple that laid what is commonly refered to as "pink". It is a very light brown or tinted egg that is almost like a "flesh" colored egg. The blood is very likely from being a "first egg" but I have had a couple hens that occassionally have a touch of blood on their eggs.
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    I think I have read on here that EE's eggs could be just about any color from brown/tan to the blues and greens? I've been wrong before [​IMG] I don't think you can tell what color they will lay until they start laying. I have one that lays blue and one that lays green. One of the other girls (BR) lays what seems to be a light "pinkish" egg but it's probably a light tan/beige. It does appear to have a pinkish hue next to my brown eggs. It seems my brown layers do not all lay the same color "brown" either. It's fun to see all the eggs together in their different shades. [​IMG]
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    THis is my understanding.

    THe hatchery birds are bred from ameraucana crosses, and then that group of birds is used for the next generation and the next and the next. They select for green legs, beards, and colored eggs: blues, greens and pinks. I have 8 EE from hatcheries and get these 3 colors.

    While creating my own there is a lot of variation: with and without a beard, leg colors vary from pink to black to green. and eggs: blue x brown = green. blue x lt brown = blue. Love the pale pinks though. Very special.

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