What color eggs will I get?

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    I purchased some older white leghorn GSL crosses about two months ago. They should start laying in a month or so. I was wondering what color eggs would I get? They are mostly white but some have a few golden feathers. I figured the white leghorn gene would be dominante. Any one else have this kind of cross? Would love some white eggs with brown polka dots. [​IMG]

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    The feather color does not have any indication of what the eggs will look like. They will be one color or another, not mixed. So they will probably be white, cream, or very light brown. Polka-dotted eggs don't exist, though you may seem little speckles on them, nothing as major as part brown part white.

    The general way to see what color they lay is:
    white ear lobes = white eggs
    red ear lobes = brown eggs.

    But there are exceptions. My sebrights have red earlobes and lay creamy eggs.

    Since yours are Sex-link and leghorn crosses I guess they will an inbetween of white and brown.

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