What color is this silkie?


Fear the Turtle!
14 Years
Jan 9, 2009
By the Chesapeake Bay
Hi folks -

I'm hoping you can see these photos clear enough to ID this pullet's coloring - these were taken a couple months ago, and "Peaches" has filled out a bit since, so I can take more photos if necessary?

Is she lavender partridge, blue partridge or something else? Of course, I know she's very light in the pattern department, but this is typical of what my partridges are producing and I don't know why? I mean, everyone thinks they're beautiful, but they're not "proper". There is a blue partridge rooster that flock, and now I'm told that any or all of them *could* be split to lavender, but of course, there is no way to know for sure...

Why, oh WHY, do people mix lavender and Andalusian blue together???

With a flash:


Without a flash:


Your thoughts?
They are very pretty Kat. Looks like a very light blue partridge. I would love to see updated pics!
Thanks y'all - I like her, too! I'm leaning towards light blue partridge as well - I just wouldn't be THAT lucky to get anything along the lavender lines from a fluke breeding between two unknown and "possible" splits...

Deb - no, thats not barring, although it is a pattern - but more typical of partridges and greys, I think. Next time I get one like Peaches, she's yours!
I have to go along with porcelain, based upon how the colours look to me. That said, sometimes colours darken as the bird gets older. And if I saw the bird in person, not sure I would agree with it being lavender diluted, but from hte photo, that's what it looks like.
Thanks Sonoran - that *would* be wonderful, but how would I find out if she's lavender diluted? I don't have a black or lavender silkie rooster to breed her to at the moment, and I don't know which of my partridges was her father.

I DO, however, have a very fertile lavender bantam cochin rooster - but if she's Andalusian blue, that breeding would be mixing blue with lavender, and I'd rather avoid that if possible. Or should I breed her to my blue partridge rooster (who *could* be split to lav and *could* also be her father) and see if they give me any splash partridges? I've never seen one of those, but I would imagine they're pretty recognizable? The only other silkie roosters I have to choose from are grey, blue and cuckoo.

I keep saying I gotta get a black silkie rooster - just haven't done it yet...

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