What color is this?


7 Years
Mar 3, 2012
Winchester, Ontario
So I keep aquiring bizzare colored ducks.. These two were advertised as "snowy calls" again at a different auction. I had seen them previous to buying them and knew they weren't. They were just too pretty to pass up. Anyone know the color they would be? Female is all white with some black spots. Male looks like a washed out snowy call.. His head is a dark grey/blue and his feathers are more of a pastel color. Any help would be great!


Mini Silver Appleyards? I don't know lol
Don't think they are... They don't look anything like mini appleyards. My other pair might be some minis but I don't know anyone around my area who has them (unless they're keeping them secretly since I'd love some of those too haha)

could they be an older pair that are turning white?
Could be! Said 2012 hatch on the box but who knows when buying from an auction. Always buyer beware!
Either way they were both very clean and well taken care of from where ever they came from. They'll get their own breeding pen for the spring should the female lay eggs and maybe their ducklings will give me a clue as to what the parents are.

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