What Color Maran and Ameracaunas? Picture Heavy


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Mar 7, 2008
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My digital camera is finally working again so I've been making up for lost time and taking a ton of pictures. I'd like to know what colors the following three roosters are.

The first one is my "black" Maran rooster. He has a lot of gold in his hackles. Is he a poorly marked black copper? A poorly marked black? Something else entirely?

The second one is of an Ameracauna hen. I think it's a blue laced (gold). I'm tempted to breed her to my Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster to see what she throws. I'd like more blue laced offspring, but any funky color with nice lacing works for me.

The final batch of pictures is a calico-something Ameraucana. We've had him for about a year now and he throws a _lot_ of blue chicks. The one rooster we kept looks identical to him, but started off a mottled brown-grey little thing that I kept promising I'd butcher. Now that his adult feathers have come in he looks like a mirror image of his father.






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I really dig the color. I'd like to know what it is and what the hens look like. I may have to start up a pen specifically for calico Easter Eggers
Your first rooster doesn't look like any kind of Marans. (Always with an "s", by the way, whether its singular or not.) Neither feathers nor legs are Marans colors, black or otherwise.
Whoops, I didn't realize Marans was singular and plural - good to know

I bought a dozen Black Marans as pullets, but four of them started crowing on me. They're around five months old now and I can pretty much guarantee that they are Marans. However, two of the roosters suddenly developed the gold streaks that you see. All of the others have sensibly stayed true to the color.

The dark legs in Black Marans is standard. I hadn't noticed that Black Coppers have light colored legs. Also, these aren't the French - they're supposed to have the clean legs.

If he isn't any sort of recognized color then I think I'll keep him and see if I can get his offspring's hackles to have more shiny gold. I have enough Black hens and roosters to separate them out without an issue.
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