What colors are my Bantams?

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    Hi there,
    I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure out what colors one of my roosters and 2 of my hens are. I just brought 4 American Game Bantams & 1 Japanese Bantam home yesterday to add to my flock and I already adore them! Miniature chickens are so fun to watch!
    - Dapper is a young roo, he is the one with green tailfeathers in both of the top pictures.
    - Nutmeg is the brownish colored hen in the top, right hand corner.
    - Pepper, appropriately named, is the black/silver hen in the bottom left hand corner.
    - I know that the last picture is a Japanese Bantam, named Minnie for her short legs.
    - I figured out that my other roo, Phoenix is called "Crele" :)

    Any information is greatly appreciated!

    - Sara @ Dixie Darlin' Hobby Farm
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    Rooster and one hen look to be silver laced..the other hen, the other to hens (brown and white) I have no clue.

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